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Our mission is to provide you with unforgettable moments of adventure, helping you to overcome your inner fears and show you landscapes you never imagined to see, showing you the raw beauty of the Algarve.


We provide coasteering adventures and rock climbing experiences around the stunning southwestern Algarve.

Our main goal is not to be just another experience in the Algarve, it is to be the best experience of your year or even your life.


Don't think twice, just come and you will not regret it!

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Our experiences

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Kids version

Rock climbing experience

If you like a great adventure and the sea this coasteering activity is perfect for you! Hiking, climbing over cristal clear water, swimming through beautiful caves and jumping off some cliffs from 1 to 11 meters all in one activity. Get ready for a fantastic scenery along the tour and guaranteed fun.

This coasteering activity is designed for the whole family, guaranteed fun for all ages, an easy and fun, safe and adventurous route for children from seven years old. A fantastic way to know our coast, animals and plants, with simple climbing and small jumps into the water from 1 to 6 meters along the route.

The rock climbing experience is the perfect way to experience rock climbing for those with a little or no prior experience. We will be climbing some cliffs near Lagos with a majestic scenery over the farm lands. With the maximum of 4 people, our experienced instructor can always find the right route and challenge for you.


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