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Rock Climbing

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Have you ever wanted to learn rock climbing? Then don't miss this great experience for beginners and first time climbers in the sunny Algarve.

This half day activity offers the perfect environment to practice this fantastic sport as well as seeing amazing landscapes over the farm lands of the Algarve. 

This activity is designed for participants with little or no prior experience and our goal is to teach you the rock climbing progression techniques and provide you with the basic knowledge on equipment and safety procedures.


Our top rope rock climbing experience is fun, safe, challenging and exciting. Since we just take a maximum of four people per group, our activity is individually tailored where each person can climb at a level that they find comfortable and appropriate. 

We suggest a climbing site near the city of Lagos in the region of the Algarve where we can find a limestone rock formation with several routes up to 15 meters high and enjoy stunning views surrounding some agriculture fields. When you are up there you will feel no less than a "mountain climber" as you climb up the 15 meters for the first time.


Our experienced and internationally certified climbing guide will make you feel accomplished, providing you with all you need to know to evolve technically and giving you all the necessary assistance and safety measures. 

Minimum age required is 12 years old, if you have younger children, please see other activity: Coasteering kids version.

What's included:

​-Guided activity with a qualified Climbing instructor

-Total activity time 4h00 

-Climbing equipment and individual safety gear

-Pictures and videos of your session

-Pick up and Drop off around  Lagos

-All the mandatory insurance

What to bring:


-Sport clothes


4 hours activity


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