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The coast of Lagos, Portugal is a beautiful and popular destination for tourists and locals alike. Located in the Algarve region, the coast boasts stunning beaches, dramatic cliffs and crystal clear waters.


One of the most famous beaches in Lagos is Praia do Camilo, which is accessed by a series of steep steps carved into the cliffs. The beach is surrounded by towering rock formations and offers picturesque views of the Atlantic Ocean. Another popular beach is Praia Dona Ana, known for its unique rock formations and clear blue waters.


In addition to its beaches, the Lagos coastline is also home to several natural wonders, such as Ponta da Piedade. This area is famous for its towering limestone cliffs, sea caves and arches that can be explored by boat or kayak.


The Lagos coast is also steeped in history and culture. The city of Lagos was a major centre for maritime trade in the 15th and 16th centuries, and visitors can explore historic sites such as Lagos Castle and the Fortaleza da Ponta da Bandeira.


Overall, the Lagos coastline is a beautiful and diverse destination with something for everyone, from stunning beaches to natural wonders and cultural attractions.

ponta da piedade

Kayak renting is a popular activity along the coast of Lagos, Portugal, due to the region's stunning natural scenery and clear blue waters.


At Sea Land Algarve you can rent either a double Kayak or a single Kayak to discover the coast on your own pace, we provide a paddle set and a life jacket, as well as basic instructions on how to use the kayak.

Before renting a kayak, it is important to check the weather and sea conditions, as well as any local regulations or restrictions. Visitors should also ensure they have the necessary skills and experience to safely operate a kayak in the open sea.


It is also a good idea to bring sunscreen, water, and a waterproof bag to protect any belonging, although Sea Land Algarve provides with two water proof phone bags so you can paddle away knowing your phone is safe.

Kayaking along the coast of Lagos is a great way to explore the area's natural beauty and enjoy an active and adventurous day out.




A set of Paddles

Life jackets

Two waterproof bags

Car fixation

Snorkle set 

Half day - 45€

Full day - 60€


kayak tour

Terms and conditions

  • Maximum load per Kayak 300kg

  • The material must be delivered in the same condition.

  • Two adults and one child per Kayak

  • Kayak practice is only allowed during the day period until one hour before sunset;

  • During the bathing season, it is forbidden to practice Kayak in areas reserved for bathers;

  • Kayak practice cannot be carried out more than 300 meters from the water's edge;

  • The practice of Kayak implies the mandatory use of a life jacket;

  • The practitioner must have mobile communications capable of communicating with the national emergency number (112) in the event of an accident;

  • In addition to the promulgated bad weather warnings, the practice of Kayak cannot be exercised with wind higher than F4 on the Beaufort scale (up to 16 knots) and Small Wave sea (wave up to 1 meter high). Attention, wave sea must not be confused with the wave breaking on the beach.

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